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Pressure Vessels

Pressure Vessels

Wykes Engineering Design and Manufacture pressure vessels with up to 16,000 litre capacity for applications in the Meat Rendering, Food Processing and Research Industries. All new vessels are supplied under the European Pressure Equipment Directive and are CE marked. In addition to supplying new vessels the refurbishment and repairs can be undertaken providing full Independent Certification for the work undertaken.



Typical applications include Batch Cookers for meat rendering or feed stock sterilisation. Continuous Sterilisers are supplied to meet exacting criteria when dealing with high risk materials. Hydrolisation and Fluidisation vessels are provided for Feather processing. Pre-heaters and auxiliary equipment such as separation vessels for service under pressure can also be provided.

Batch Cookers

Batch Cookers can be Designed and Manufactured to suit your particular requirements. Typically the design will included a steam heated jacket and rotor. The shell may be designed with allowance for in service wear and tear or may be lined in corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Continuous Sterilisers

A standardised design of Continuous Steriliser can be tailored to meet particular applications with throughputs up to 20 cu m/hour. The standardised design features a flighted shaft and steam heated jacket. Arrangements are provided for steam injection into the main vessel.

Hydrolisers and Fluidisers

Units with a throughput from 1 to 10 Tonnes/hour can be supplied for processing either Turkey or Chicken Feather. The design utilises vessels having steam heated jackets in a two-stage process. The shell can be designed to operate up to 10 barg and as with other applications a comprehensive system including the feed and intermediate pumps can be supplied.

Auxiliary Equipment

Wykes Engineering are able to provide a turnkey service covering the complete installation. This includes carrying out HAZOP studies, Risk Assessments and Control System Design to ensure that the requirements of the Pressure Equipment directive are achieved within a competitive solution.



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