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Thermal Oxidisers

Thermal Oxidisers
For Odour and VOC Destruction


Wykes Thermal Oxidisers are specifically designed to eliminate noxious odours from gases and vapours and destroy the VOCs common in waste management, food processing, rendering and petfood production as well as traditional petrochemical industries.
There is a comprehensive range of standard units covering the majority of requirements with bespoke designs available for specialised applications.

Thermal Oxidiser being prepared for shipment to site.

The Oxidisers can be fitted with a selection of heat recovery systems for maximum operating efficiency. The most common applications are equipped with a Waste Heat Recovery Boiler raising dry saturated steam for process (typically 10barg).
For installations with only a limited steam demand, a Recuperator is available to heat exchange the exhaust gases against incoming vapours and gases and in some instances a combination of Recuperator and Waste Heat Recovery Boiler provide the optimum efficiency.

Waste Heat Recovery Boiler for a Thermal Oxidiser. 

The Thermal Oxidiser destroys the VOCs and odourous compounds such as ammonia and mercaptans in the gas or vapour stream by heating to a temperature in the range 750oC to 950oC with sufficient excess oxygen present to ensure complete oxidation. The Wykes design of Thermal Oxidiser introduces the gas or vapour stream in such a way that rapid, thorough, mixing results without quenching of the flame. This means that in normal operation at 850oC, residence times less than 1 second are usually more than adequate to reduce odours to undetectable levels.
Residence times can be extended to 2 seconds for extreme applications should legislation demand it.

Rendering plants provide a typical application for Thermal Oxidisers which are ideally suited to the treatment of the concentrated vapours from cookers and driers.
The high air flows needed for combustion can be drawn from buildings and storage systems providing additional odour control.
Burners are available for gas or oil with alternate fuels such as tallow produced at a rendering or food processing plant being highly economic.

Thermal Oxidiser installation at a rendering plant
showing dual fuel
(tallow and heavy fuel oil) rotary cup burner.

Emissions in the flue gas from the Thermal Oxidiser will be largely dependant on the fuel being fired. They will be much the same as a conventional fire tube boiler of the same capacity. CO and NOx levels would be reduced due to the staged, highly efficient combustion techniques used in the Oxidiser design. High ammonia levels in the vapour stream can also be beneficial in reducing the NOx emissions.

Excellent combustion and thorough mixing give high standards of operation and emissions

Efficiency of reduction of  VOCs, ammonia, amines and mercaptans should be better than 99 % with no detectable odour.
Wykes has a long established reputation as a preferred supplier of turnkey projects for the Rendering and Food Processing industries throughout Europe, providing a complete service, from research and development through process design to manufacture, commissioning and full lifecycle maintenance all supported by expert project management.
Wykes can design and install a control system to ensure integration into the existing site processes, a vital element for a successful installation.



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