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Rotary Disc Coolers

Rotary Disc Coolers

The Wykes Disc Cooler is a continuous surface contact cooler for use on a wide variety of products. It operates on the principle of indirectly transferring the heat from the product into the cooling - medium which flows through the discs, usually cooled or chilled water.

Disc assembly on rotor shaft

The unique disc design incorporates a profiled rib which provides additional strength characteristics to the disc plates and eliminates the need for staybolts.

The discs are sub-assembled before being installed onto the rotor shaft where they are welded into position.

Completed rotor assembly prior to installation in shell

The rotor shaft is completed by the addition of end stub shafts which are forged, tested and then precision machined to mate and bolt onto the ends of the rotor tube.
The end result is a highly efficient rotary disc assembly, that has been engineered to meet the most stringent requirements.

Shell Assembly

The drier shell is manufactured from 12mm thick grade 304L stainless steel.
The upper part of the shell is designed for collecting and transferring the any vapour emissions with Inspection doors fitted along the full length.

General Construction

The cooling medium is introduced through a rotary joint into the inside of the rotor tube from where it is evenly distributed to each individual disc. The used medium is efficiently collected and discharged through the opposite end of the rotor tube. Scraper bars can be fitted between each row of discs to improve the product flow. The cooler is driven by a shaft mounted gearbox and powered by a suitably rated motor.
A belt driven fluid coupling connects the two units together.

Cooler installation with discharge screw conveyor

The machine is suitably supported by two saddles for mounting on the clients foundations

Wykes has a long established reputation as a preferred supplier of turnkey projects for the Rendering and Food Processing industries throughout Europe, providing a complete service, from research and development through process design to manufacture, commissioning and full lifecycle maintenance all supported by expert project management.

Wykes can design and install a control system to ensure integration into the existing site processes, a vital element for a successful installation.

Specialised Cooling Module

The Cooling module shown above is a fully integrated packaged skid mounted unit designed for a specialised food industry product.
The module comprises a Rotary Disc Cooler with discharge screw conveyor. A complete pneumatic blowing system discharges product to the site processing plant. Full water cooling system, access platforms and stairs and control room with fully integrated controls and electrical panels completes this packaged unit.
With this approach, a full system can be installed and commissioned on site in a few days with minimum interruption to production.




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