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A waste to energy solution for the Waste Management Industry

The Fluidised Bed Combustor (FBC) system is a safe and efficient method of incinerating a wide variety of materials, solids liquids and sludges that are unsuitable for recycling. The heat recovery systems ensure that the energy inherent in the waste is converted to useful electricity.
In the Goosey Lodge FBC, only biomass materials are utilised thereby ensuring that its qualifying renewable power generation status is maintained.
Biomass fuel used in the generating station must have at least 98% of the energy content derived from plant or animal matter and must not be derived directly, or indirectly from fossil fuel.
The high air flows needed in the FBC are drawn from the buildings and storage systems ensuring that any unwanted odours are eliminated.
Liquids and sludges with high Biological or Chemical Oxygen Demands (BOD and COD) can also be oxidised in the FBC adding to the commercial and environmental benefits of the process.
The Goosey Lodge Power Plant FBC system exceeds the current and planned future environmental standards prescribed by UK and EU law and ensures complete burnout producing an inert inorganic ash suitable for recycling or disposal to landfill.



Goosey Lodge Power Plant was designed and built by Wykes Engineering, the group's Engineering Company. Wykes has a long established reputation as a preferred supplier of turnkey projects for the Rendering and Food Processing industries throughout Europe, providing a complete service, from research and development through process design to manufacture, commissioning and full lifecycle maintenance fully supported by expert project management.

Goosey Lodge Power Plant control room

A similar plant designed and built by Wykes Engineering for PDM Group at Widnes BFB Power Plant showing its twin combustors.


The process developed by Wykes has these key features which make FBC the Best Available Technology (BAT) for processing and heat recovery from a wide range of materials.

  • Stable and uniform temperatures and efficient rapid mixing of fuel and air to ensure good combustion and minimal emissions of volatile gases.
  • Long residence times of coarse particles to ensure protein burnout.
  • Recovery of useful energy.
  • Operation below the ash fusion temperature and thereby prevention of excessive temperatures to minimise slagging, fouling and corrosion of heat exchanger surfaces.
  • Staged combustion to minimise NOx emissions with no requirement for additional NOx control system.
  • Flexible dry scrubbing system (in and post combustion zone sorbent addition) to reduce acid gas emissions.
  • Dry particulate removal system to minimise particulate emissions.
  • Ability to co-incinerate liquid wastes and effluents.
  • Ability to co-incinerate odorous gases.
  • Production of closely sized inert ash with utilisation potential.


World Class Low Emissions

  “Helping to sustain the environment for future generations”

Concerns for the protection of the environment and the environmental impact of process plants is a major issue, locally, nationally and world-wide. Not only is it essential to protect the environment, it makes good business sense to operate to the highest possible standards.  The Fluidised Bed Combustor represents Best Available Technology (BAT) for processing a wide variety of solids, liquids and sludges, designed for optimum environmental performance. 
The whole plant is fully computer controlled and is operated from a remote control centre where all operating and emission parameters are continuously monitored.  Once the exhaust gases leave the Fluidised Bed Combustor they pass through the Waste Heat Recovery Boiler and Economiser to the Bag Filters which removes more than 99.9% of the fly ash particulate content prior to discharge to the atmosphere.

Sodium bicarbonate is added before the bag filter for SO2 and HCl abatement.  The continuous emissions monitoring (CEM) system measures and records the stack flue gases for temperature, O2, CO, HCl, NOx, SO2 and particulates (dust).  The CEM system continuously transmits data to the control room where MBM feed rates and solid sorbent addition to the process are automatically controlled and adjusted ensuring compliance with Environmental emission levels at all times. Comprehensive alarm systems alert the plant operator of any rising emission levels enabling prompt corrective action.


The wide range of authorised facilities at Goosey Lodge enable the most appropriate processing of a wide variety of incoming solids, liquids and sludges

  • Fluidised Bed Combustor.
  • Biological Treatment Plant.
  • Bio Processing including sterilisation, aerobic and anaerobic treatment and composting.
  • Storage and Recycling of waste wood.
  • Metals Storage and recycling.



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